Leadership Training – Christofolo||Schermer LLC provides training in leadership development, strategic planning, change management, effective communication, and targeted goal setting and achievement.  We customize our interactive programs to meet the needs of our clients.  Training sessions vary from half-days to multiple days, as needed, and our audiences include leadership teams, officers and directors and employees at large.

We are certified to teach the following specific behavioral models:

            Leadership Process Motivating Achievement (LPMA) – LPMA is a behavioral consulting model that allows leaders and key employees to understand what motivates them to succeed and how they can motivate others to do the same.  This highly interactive program includes exercises, feedback instruments, films and discussion modules.  The end result is a greater understanding of how to set and achieve meaningful business and personal goals and how to create an organizational climate that fosters achievement and increased productivity.

            The Change Cycle - Individuals and organizations are in a constant state of change.  Effective leaders know how to anticipate change, communicate it effectively and manage affected teams through the various stages of change.  The Change Cycle draws on various change models and decades of research to provide participants with the understanding and tools needed to successfully work through personal and organizational change and, as leaders, to guide others through well-defined stages of effective change management.

Strategic and Action Planning
We believe in a practical and brisk planning process.  Business leaders understandably are reluctant to devote significant time and resources to planning unless they are convinced that it will lead to results in relatively short order.  Our planning model that provides clear direction to set realistic and meaningful goals and to reach those goals on time.

Meeting Facilitation
Love them or hate them, meetings are an inescapable part of business.  We help clients articulate tangible meeting goals for meetings, whether they be strategic planning, defining vision and values, action planning, team building, leadership development, improving communications skills or conflict resolution.  We then help them use best practices to ensure open and focused discussion.  The outcome is clarity among all participants on their roles and responsibilities during the meeting and after.

Leadership Assessment and Coaching
Leadership is a lifelong process.  While many great leaders are gifted with insight and vision that gives them an important advantage, the leaders who deliver excellent results on a sustained basis are the ones who recognize that leadership is conscious and requires continuous learning and improvement.  We help our clients use their innate talent to best advantage and to improve leadership and communication skills on an ongoing basis to benefit their organizations and communities.